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"Baoding marketing center" of Hebei lile pipe company was established

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In order to better serve the market and customers, Hebei lile pipe company established a "marketing center" in Baoding. The company's marketing center is located in the future financial port of Baoding, under the East Lake Business District of Baoding, and in the core area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Its products and services can directly radiate the markets of Beijing and Tianjin, with superior geographical location. The company is only 40 kilometers away from xiong'an new area. With the vigorous development of xiong'an new area, the demand for the expected pipeline market increases, and the company has broad prospects in the future.

The formal establishment of the marketing center marks that the development of Hebei lile pipe company will move towards a new stage. The marketing center will certainly bring a new peak of sales for the company, with a more professional perspective, better service and better experience for customers.

The establishment of the marketing center in Baoding is the demand of the rapid development of the enterprise, constantly optimize the product image, establish the brand position of lile, and make the products have more market advantages, so as to increase the in-depth cooperation with the majority of customers and meet the new needs of the changing market. Baoding marketing center includes marketing department, sales department and customer service department. The function of the marketing center is to carry out a series of marketing means such as product strategy, price strategy, competition strategy or combination strategy according to the consumption needs of target consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting consumption and increasing economic profits, and do service marketing such as after-sales service in place while meeting the needs of customers.



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