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Hebei lile Pipe Co., Ltd. obtained "AAA enterprise credit rating certificate"

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In the current market environment, enterprises are independent operators. If the company wants to sign purchase and sales contracts, participate in bidding, apply for qualification, strive for government procurement and so on, it needs an effective credit certificate to win the trust of the other party. The credit rating agencies that have been strictly examined and approved by the regulatory authorities in the society, through standardized evaluation procedures, independently, objectively and fairly evaluate the credit rating, will become an effective credit certificate, enable the partners to obtain an accurate and recognized credit information, and play an irreplaceable role in accelerating cooperative decision-making.

In the process of credit evaluation, the enterprise can see what is good about the enterprise? What are the shortcomings? It can clarify the direction of efforts and development ideas in the future. For enterprises with good credit rating, it is equivalent to making an objective affirmation and accurate evaluation of their business conditions, so as to further optimize the management of enterprises. Improve the management level.

Hebei lile Pipe Co., Ltd. has been carrying out production and operation activities under the concept of "good faith management". The company has established a credit management department internally, operated in good faith externally, respected contracts and kept promises, which has been highly praised by customers and suppliers. The acquisition of AAA credit rating certificate can greatly promote the company to continue its efforts in standardized management and trustworthy operation.


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